Stretch’s Pizza in Newington Stands Out

 Stretch’s Pizza


2426, 995 Main St, Newington, CT 06111


Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 8.56.06 AMIn Newington alone, there are over twenty pizza restaurants to choose from. If you are looking to order on a Friday or Saturday night or feel the need for pizza in the drag of the work week, you might feel overwhelmed by your options. Since 2011, Stretch’s Pizza has been our go-to place but we never got around to reviewing them until now. Here was our experience.

Atmosphere: 8/10-When you stop by the restaurant, you will immediately notice the open kitchen area. Many pizza and Italian restaurants such as Frank Pepe Pizzeria and Bertucci’s have originated and adopted this style. We personally enjoy it because it allows us to see the owners and employees hard at work. You can also smell the pizza from the plaza. There is seating in the back of the restaurant as well as the patio, but it’s not immediately noticeable. Still, the area is nicely painted and has a couple of paintings to contribute to the ambiance.

Service: 8/10-Stretch’s Pizza is open at strange hours during the week, so you have to often call or stop by to see when they are open. For some, this can be a bit concerning but during  a normal work week, they are open for at least 4 of those business days. When they open, it is important to ask how long the wait will be because they are in popular demand. The owners and employees are friendly and try their best with what few employees they have to meet their deadlines. Honestly, because they are so dedicated to their craft, it is worth the wait for us. We often call during the 4 o’clock hour for five because it’s not too bad. If you are just stopping by for a slice, these are ready in five minutes or less!

Catering: 5/5- Catering is a new category we will use when it is applicable to our experience. We are differentiating the catering category from the service category because it is a specialty service. In the Fall of 2015, we needed several large pizzas and drinks for our Halloween pizza to feed around 20 guests. We placed our order to Stretch’s a couple of hours in advance and they did not disappoint. The pizzas were hot and ready to go by the time of the party. The guests commented positively on the size and quality of the pizza as well as the generous helping of toppings.

Price/Selection: 9.5/10- Pizza restaurants are becoming more expensive these days and if you are on a budget, it can be difficult even ordering for a family of two. Stretch’s prices are more than reasonable! For a large pizza (these are large) with one or two toppings, you are going to spend under $20. Specialty pizzas cost around $20-$21. Large specialty pizzas at Joey Garlic’s, though delicious, can run up to $23.99. Pizza by slice is under $3. Stretch’s also offers calzones, grinders, stromboli and pasta.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 9.34.56 AMTaste: 9.5/10-This is what Stretch’s is worth waiting for-a large, savory pizza that is plentiful in toppings.  According to an article for Time Magazine titled “Why Does Pizza Taste So Delicious? Allow Science to Explain,”  the best pizza uses mozzarella that “melts, bubbles and browns better than any other varieties” and has the perfect “chemistry that goes into everything from dough to sauce to toppings.” Stretch’s pizza meets that criteria because when we bit into each slice, the chemistry of the ingredients were in harmony with our taste buds. While that may sound a bit cheesy (terrible pun), we also know what it’s like to bite into a terrible pizza in which the ingredients are out of sync and it is too doughy or too burnt. Our pizzas had none of these difficulties.

In a nutshell: 40/45-While the restaurant does have odd hours and can be a wait on Friday and Saturday nights, their dedication and quality to craftsmanship has always been worth waiting for. If you live in the Newington area or are stopping by, this is the pizza place of the 20+ that we recommend.