The Buzz About BirdHouse Coffee

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765 Sullivan Ave                                                                South Windsor, CT 06074                                                             

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It is difficult to find a locally owned coffee place in Connecticut when the state is overrun by Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. You have to know where to look. When we heard the owners of Connecticut Valley Brewery were opening a coffee shop on the premises, we  knew we had to check it out. The concept of a locally owned coffee shop that brews on site is a rarity and an opportunity we knew we couldn’t pass up.

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Atmosphere: 9/10-When we entered the coffee shop, we didn’t feel as if we were in a corporate coffee joint. The calm lighting and rustic tables made us feel immediately at ease. At times we felt like we could have been in someone’s home, especially with the large shelf lined with wooden signs, coffee mugs, books, coffee mugs, chocolate bars, birdhouses and other various memorabilia. We were reminded of my mother who has an affinity for birds. It was also nice to see customers interacting with each other and making conversation with the staff. This lent itself to a very friendly atmosphere.

Service: 10/10- The baristas at BirdHouse coffee are friendly and knowledgable. We asked them a variety of questions about how they started and how they brewed their coffee. They were able to answer our questions with ease. For years, Connecticut Valley Brewery had received high praise for their coffee stout and were inspired with the idea of opening a coffee shop on site. We could really tell the owners and employees cared about building a community the same way they did with the brewery.

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Price/Selection:  9/10- Compared to Starbucks and Dunkin, prices for coffee, espressos and manual brewers are more than reasonable. I spent $4.50 for a 16 oz mocha and my wife spent $2.75 for a 12 oz drip coffee. Given that coffees and specialty drinks are brewed on site, the costs are more than affordable. The tasting notes on the menu also provide clarity for customers that are unfamiliar with their products. If you are going to purchase a bag, their decaf, espresso, house and Sumatra blend will cost $15.99. By comparison, Starbucks Pike Place and French Roast cost $17-$19 at your local Staples or Target.

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Taste: 10/10-We visited the BirdHouse on two occasions and have both their Espresso and House blend at home. Smooth is the word that comes to mind when describing their coffee and signature drinks and the flavors are accented with each sip. We were also fortunate enough to visit them for a brunch special to try a warm waffle with housemade honey butter and oozing with  raspberry compote along with their avocado toast drizzled with hot honey on sour dough. We only wish the brunch special was a stable part of their menu.

In a nutshell: 38/40-BirdHouse Coffee was so delicious that it reminded us not only about the unique coffee shops Connecticut has to offer but the charm and community a single business can create. We heartily recommend that you visit if you are in the South Windsor area or if you so happen to stop by Connecticut Valley Brewery and just need a coffee to sober up. We enjoyed our visit and look forward to coming back.