Meet The Authors

Christina and her chopsticks

Meet Christina!

-She is an after school teacher, drama instructor, actress and graduate of Central  Connecticut State University.

-Her photography enhances our entries.  She has a knack for capturing  the best moments/memories and portraying the places we visit in a realistic light!

-She is a tough but fair grader.  She gives an honest input on Connecticut’s fun and food.

-Christina has the patience of a saint! She puts up with Tristan when he acts like a child and is a great improviser when things don’t go as planned.

Tristan reading…or cooking or something…

Meet Tristan!

-He is a teacher, tutor, author and graduate of Central Connecticut State University. He recently earned his Master of Science in Educational Technology.

-He founded CTSnapshot with Christina after visiting two hole in the wall restaurants.  He wanted to show the “naysayers”  that Connecticut has plenty to offer in terms of fun and food.

-He writes honestly and creatively.  He tries to compliment the moments Christina captures with her photography.

-Tristan may act like a child “sometimes” but  it’s all in good fun.  He admits that Christina has the patience of a saint!

3 thoughts on “Meet The Authors

  1. Hi Tristan & Christina, I came across your blog via a post in a Newington FB page. We actually have similar backgrounds. I’m a culinary graduate of Johnson & Wales, and worked in the industry 20+ years, plus I remain a foodie. My wife used to run a Montessori school and work with children. Currently in real estate, I created my own FB group: Live, Work, & Play Connecticut. We share and learn about everything CT has to offer. I also created a dedicated networking day called “Welcome Wednesday” where we share business ideas, trades, products, jobs, and introductions. I believe you would both make a positive addition to our community, especially with your blog. Please give us a look. I would enjoy reading more of your CT blogs and think comparing notes on experiences within the group might be fun. What do you think?

    Thanks, Mike D’Avirro
    Newington, CT

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